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Q: Where did the name BRIO come from?

A: BRIO is of Italian origin and it means sparkle, zest, panache, dash, spirited,,,it's how we envision our BRIO BABE! 

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: BRIO opened on June 10, 2010 in North Battleford, SK. It was the first boutique of its kind for the area.

Q: Where do you find your brands?

A: The BRIO team has travelled to New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.  Our Canadian markets include Vancouver, Edmonton, and Toronto.  We have also bought directly from suppliers in Italy, Spain, and Germany.

Q: How should I care for my purchases?

A: For clothing, we recommend following the care instructions tag located on the inside.  For leather footwear, you can use leather protector.

Q: I received my item, but it is damaged.  What do I do?

A: The BRIO team inspects each item very carefully - upon receipt from the supplier, and again prior to your purchase.  Please check your item when you have received it, and notify us within two days.

Q: I received my item, but it is not what I ordered.  What do I do?

A: The BRIO team cross references each item with the order details several times prior to shipping.  In the rare chance you receive an incorrect order, please contact us within two days of receipt and we will correct the issue.

Q: My package says arrived but I can't find it.  Now what?

A: Please contact Canada Post first, then BRIO for a resolve. 

Q: I believe my package has been stolen.  What do I do?

A: We recommend you contact the local authorities.  For home delivery, someone must be available to accept as your package will not be left unattended.  BRIO is not responsible for your shipment once it has been given to Canada post.